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Contrib.HtmlField content not included in export

Topics: Troubleshooting
Feb 27, 2012 at 6:34 AM

Hi, I'm adding a Contrib.HtmlField into a new simple Content Type via the UI, which works fine & stores and displays the content, but when I use the Import/Export module to try to export the data, it doesn't show up in the recipe. A textfield exports it's content fine, just not the html field.

I'm checking the content type, Data & MetaData checkboxes

Using Orchard v.

Is there something obvious I'm not doing?

- <Orchard>
- <Recipe>
  <Name>Generated by Orchard.ImportExport</Name>
- <Metadata>
- <Types>
- <TestContentPart ContentTypeSettings.Creatable="True" ContentTypeSettings.Draftable="True" DisplayName="TestContentPart">
  <CommonPart DateEditorSettings.ShowDateEditor="False" OwnerEditorSettings.ShowOwnerEditor="True" />
  <BodyPart BodyTypePartSettings.Flavor="html" />
  <MetaPart />
  <RoutePart />
  <TestContentPart />
- <Parts>
  <CommonPart ContentPartSettings.Attachable="True" />
  <BodyPart ContentPartSettings.Attachable="True" BodyPartSettings.FlavorDefault="html" />
  <MetaPart ContentPartSettings.Attachable="True" />
  <RoutePart ContentPartSettings.Attachable="True" />
- <TestContentPart ContentPartSettings.Attachable="True">
  <TestHtmlField.HtmlField HtmlFieldSettings.FlavorDefault="html" />
  <TestTextField.TextField HtmlFieldSettings.FlavorDefault="html" />
- <Data>
- <TestContentPart Id="/Route.Slug=testcontent" Status="Published">
  <TextField.TestTextField Text="some text content" />
  <BodyPart Text="<p>Html body here</p>" />
  <CommonPart Owner="/User.UserName=admin" CreatedUtc="2012-02-27T06:13:44Z" PublishedUtc="2012-02-27T06:26:47Z" ModifiedUtc="2012-02-27T06:26:47Z" />
  <RoutePart Title="testcontent" Slug="testcontent" Path="testcontent" />
Feb 27, 2012 at 6:44 AM

The driver for the field is probably incomplete then.