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Understanding Orchard by Comparison & Contrast - Orchard versus MVC3

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Dec 16, 2011 at 2:03 PM


Hi Guys!

Somewhere I read that  Orchard is based on MVC3 Framework. I feel the urge to know a bit more  about orchard  through MVC3. Because  I believe that Comparison and Contrast is good technique of learning e.g. learning both C# & VB through similarities and dissimialrities, Commisions(Committance), Ommissions and Exceptions   - how are  then MVC3 and Orchard juxtaposed  in the fore-going modes.  l have made trivial effort below:

  1.  Model(Contains Data in MVC3):The Parallel in Orchard consists of Core, Content,Syndication,
  2. Controller(Controls the Data  in MVC3):The Parallel in Orchard consists of Rules,Content Publishig,Developer,Packaging,Scripting,
  3. View( What is shown in the Front-end in MVC3):The Parallel in Orchard consists of Widgets, Designer,Hosting,Input Editor, Navigation,Media,Social

In other words where is MVC-ishnes in Orchard or Where is Orchard-ness in MVC? There must some visible/tangible  similarities. Otherwise where is the MVC Framework on which Orchard is built?

They feel compelled to add DAL folder to MVC3 "Model"  in spite of their all  Aesthetical Theorizing that their structure consists of ONLY  THREE PARTS: Model, Controller and View. This violation of theory is justified by saying: " Exceptions Proves the Rule".

Where one feels the need to say the Universal Truth in Orchard: " Exceptions Prove  the Rule". Strictly speaking, where are the rules and where are the exceptions in the Orchard?

Please help me in solving this Riddle!

Thanking in anticipation!


Dec 17, 2011 at 8:48 AM

I have found the answer to the basic part of my questions in Orchard Docs under the Title "How Orchard Works". But the non-basic (branchy) part still remains to be answered. The question is: Where in Orchard Theory and Practice are un-coincided to produce the Exceptions  to give in to the Proverb: " Exceptions Prove the Rule".

Dec 19, 2011 at 3:05 AM

I don't even understand the question, sorry.