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What is "Blog Post" - Discussing An Article By Bertrandleroy About Styling

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Dec 16, 2011 at 12:34 PM
Edited Jan 4, 2012 at 6:22 AM


Hi Orchard Gurs!

I wanted to bring some change in Dashboard. I was led to an article by Bertrandleroy:

"how can you use a different template for the first blog post?" 

He said: "Unfortunately CSS is only half of the story, and it is insufficient if you are aiming for something like the NYT list pictured above." After one sentence he used word " Luckily" with reference to Designer Tools.

I tried to look for the version of Orchard when he wrote this article. Actually I am expecting  some miracle about styling in Orchard 1.4. He also used word "Blog Post". From the context I could deduct probabaly he means Home Page of a Website.

My tecknical knowledge about blogging is almost zero. Can any one guide me to some useful source in this regard? Maximum that I know about blogging is:


"Blogging is an opportunity  given to users to participate in a discussion on a certain topic. In the first place when a large number of users take part in the discussion, they share each others views and thus get enlightened more and more. On the other hand Policy Makers in the differen sectors get feedbacks from the public and consequently are enabled to launch a product or formulate certain policy." This definition of Blogging is based on my scanty-or-no- knowledge.

I need to know more aboubt Blogging with all its dynamics at length,  so that I may understand the terminology and syntax fully to appreciate Orchard's capabilities. Please help me!

Thanking in anticipation