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Creating a module.. need help

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Aug 8, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Ok, i've worked my way through most of the orchard documentation, especially the "write a widget with a simple text editor".

So i've altered it a little and my goal is to make a module which allows me to create Teasers, which are stored in the database and then i want to be able to add a widget to a layer and just checkbox which of my teasers i want to be displayed there, so that i don't have to manually add a html widget and the teaser code each time.

So far i managed that my module doesnt create errors while compiling ( yay ) and from the tutorial i still have a menu entry in my dashboard saying "Teaser". Which is under new.

So ...

1) how do i get rid of that menu entry again ? It seems to stick there,  even if i disable / delete the whole module...

2) what do i need to do in order to get a costum page in my admin menu allowing me to add teasers and save them ? I tried going through some other moduls, but i cant even get another menu entry somewhere else in my admin menu to go further from ...

3) if 2 is complete, how would i go on to have my widget ask me which teasers i want to include ?


So any help would be appreciated, i'd probably be happy already if i found a tutorial which does something like that.( the simple text editor / commerce thingy ) added new products as a page. But i don't want to call pages with this, i just want to add a little box with some text into a spot on a page.


Aug 8, 2011 at 4:14 PM

Ok i kinda figured out how to add a menu point to the admin menu, however the linking goes to a compiler error so i'm not much further then before.

If anyone wants to do me a great favour, could someone write a little tutorial module doing the following:

- Add an entry to the admin menu

-Above links to an AdminPage where i can input 2-3 Settings ( a text, a text color and maybe a checkbox wether i want the text to be italic or normal ) however, the text is important, the rest would just be examples

-Saving this text in database

-Being able to add a widget to a zone. then being able to select one of the saved text from above to display in the widget.


I don't think this should take long for someone who knows how this works, but it would really help me to understand how all this code comes together. Sadly i'm totally new to ASP.NET and C# and CMS in general. Some of the Documentations i find are really helpful but i guess i lack the genereal understanding of all the things playing together to figure out what does what exactly..

Or if anyone knows a tutorial which does that, i'd be happy aswell, i didn't find any so far.

I'd really appreciate that example.

Aug 9, 2011 at 3:53 PM

Nevermind, figured it out .. Not sure though if i didn't do way more than actually needed...