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List and Menu Problem

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May 20, 2011 at 9:37 AM
Edited May 20, 2011 at 9:37 AM

I want a list of links on my home page which are links to nothing more than other content pages.

So its a list of links with an image and a couple of lines of text. So the item has a url, url text, an image and some extra text.

I added the advanced menu and enabled it. I added the Menu Widget to the First Aside Zone with the Default Layer. Then I added containable part to the pages then created a list, added the pages to the list, added the list to the menu and then opened the site's front end again.

The list does not appear in the menu with the other menu items.

How do I make the list appear in the menu?

May 20, 2011 at 12:41 PM

That's not really how that menu works.

This is why I'm building Mechanics / Science Project which allows this kind of nested content menu. A big update is coming which will get the menu (Cartography module) working properly.

Jun 13, 2011 at 3:22 PM

In order to create a menu you have to follow steps:

  1. Create a menu by clicking a link under "Navigation" in Dashboard. Menu called 'main' is created by default, so if you need only one menu - omit this step.
  2. Click "Manage XXX menu" (eg. "Manage menu 'main'" if you want to edit 'main' menu).
  3. Add menu items to the menu. You can do that in two ways:
    • On "Manage XXX menu" screen add items by hand - button "Add simple item". You can also add items with custom html inside - "Add item /w custom Html".
    • When creating/editing content items, like Page, BlogPost etc. There is a menu checkbox list at the bottom - just check the menus you'd like that item (Page) to appear in. Corresponding menu item will be created automatically and you are free to edit it on "Manage XXX menu" screen (eg. change text in the menu, position and other options).
  4. Add a MenuWidget/StyledMenuWidget to some zone and choose which menu should this widget display.

Each menu item can be bound to some content item (eg. a Page, List etc.). It's the menu items that get rendered in the menu, not items (like List) themselves. Each page in a list can be added to the menu from that page edit screen. 

If you have a number of existing pages and you want to display them in the menu, but don't want to do it one-by-one, you can use the "Fill menu with existing items" button on the menu edit screen. It'll automatically fill the current menu with existing items. After filling you can edit created items and change meny text, positions and so on.

So answering your question: If you added the list to the menu, only the link to that list will get displayed - after all list is an ordinary content item. If you want to add pages contained in that list, you'd have to edit each of them and check the checkbox "Show on XXX menu". If you want to make those pages appear under list in the menu (as children), just set the Position property accordingly for each created item. Supposing the list has position 1, then each of the pages should have 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and so on.

Some of the things I mentioned are features added in the latest release (1.3), so be sure to update your installed module first..