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A Couple of Orchard Install Failures - help?

Jan 15, 2011 at 12:35 AM

I've tried to install Orchard using the Web Installer on two machines, and both failed.  The first one got generated an "unknown error 0x80005000".  I moved onto another machine and got further.  The web installer completed and reported that installation was successful, offering a link to open Orchard default web site.  Clicking the click brought up the browser but errorer out with "Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Web Page".

I am new the IIS web server, but I looked in the IIS manager and navigated to the Web Sites folder and then to the "Default Web Site (68)" which was generated automatically on installation, and I see the orchard folder in the tree below it.  It indicated a status of "stopped".  I then started it (not knowing what I was actually doing by starting the web site) and this Default Web Site (68) did report that it started.  But the Orchard web site in the browser still failed with the same error message that it could not display the web page.

Could anyone give me a hint about where to look to try and troubleshoot this error?