Authorizer error notifications are ugly

In Authorizer in Orchard.Framework -> Security, two possible messages are generated by the following code: if (message != null) { if (_workContextAccessor.GetContext().CurrentUser == null) { _...

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Workflows ContentActivity localization

ContentActivity Outcomes and Description localization don't work.

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Workflow and transition endpoint localization

Workflow module stores a localized version of the activity outcome string in SourceEndpoint field of TransitionRecord. When using a localized outcome string, activities are not chaining because i...

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Improve Hint when AllowCustomPattern is False

When AllowCustomPattern is false the hint... "Save the current item and leave the input empty to have it automatically generated using the pattern..." refers to a textbox that the user cannot see.

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edit-user wrong

go admin=> user as admin change email, can not change.( should change) change username, can not change. ( ok, but input of username should be disable)

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update jquery, datepicker

update jquery to 1.11, datepicker to 2.0

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EditorShapes in Orchard.Forms is missing a "password" shape

I have been using Orchard.Forms to build a custom application and wanted to create a html password field and noticed that shape was missing.

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Remove field name from display template

Do fields display templates really need to have the field name with the value after it? Vast majority of cases we only want to show the fields value. I know this is hardly a issue at all, but it...

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Images being re-processed on every call to GetImageProfileUrl when containing folders have spaces in their name

When calling ImageProfileManager.GetImageProfileUrl using a profile name, the image is reprocessed every time if the original image is in a folder that uses spaces in its name. This may apply to fi...

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Latest /Core/Shapes/Scripts/Base.js not working properly

The latest change to the /Core/Shapes/Scripts/Base.js that changes this line $("a[itemprop~=UnsafeUrl]").on( "click", function(){ to $("body").on("click","a[itemprop~=UnsafeUrl]",function(){...

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