Autoroute Doesn't Support Hash Target (#)


I would like to be able to include a hash target (#) for some of my content item URLs (as there are various AJAX things going on on the front end); however the Autoroute Field doesn't allow me to define URLs with a hash, nor allow me to set a pattern using a hash (tokens don't render when there's a hash after them).

However, if I go through the Alias UI, I am able to set hashes in my URLs. Whilst this is a workaround I can use currently, it's not ideal for my users to have access to the Alias UI to alter the URLs once they've created the content item.

Naturally I don't want to allow hashes in the content item Slug; that should definitely be removed. However I would like to be able to define pattern, and also manually set, URLs including a hash for content items.
Closed Feb 16, 2014 at 10:59 PM by BertrandLeRoy
That is simply not possible: the hash part of the url is a purely client-side concept, that doesn't even travel to the server.


justrhysism wrote Feb 20, 2014 at 11:11 PM

Fair enough.