Taxonomy Menu Link - Options not working as intended


The 'display top level menu item' and 'hide empty entries' and 'display content count' options don't seem to work.

  1. Create "Category" taxonomy with 3 or so terms
  2. Add Taxonomy Field to Blog Post type
  3. Create new blog post and assign 2 terms
  4. Create taxonomy menu link item
  5. Set Taxonomy to "Category", Root Term to Parent Taxonomy
  6. Tick all three checkboxes on the same edit page
  7. Set menu text to "Categories"
  8. Save
You will notice that the menu it flat with 3 terms and not 2 and not showing the parent of "categories" or even "category" as the menu item. And no count is shown.

This could be just a theme machine issue that doest render - I'm yet to test it out.




justrhysism wrote Jul 30, 2013 at 11:50 PM

I have been fiddling with the Taxonomies menus and there is no code to allow the ability to set the Root Term to the Parent Taxonomy.

The navigation provider gets a list of all the Terms and generates a menu from that. As the Parent Taxonomy isn't a Term, it isn't rendered.

I had to manually create the menu item when the Root Term was set to Parent Taxonomy. In the coming days I'll look at releasing a module which can be used as a workaround until this issue is fixed.

CSADNT wrote Aug 16, 2013 at 6:21 PM

Content Count is a nice to have...and we have not :(