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Deleting Menu in Navigation Deleted Content


I am not sure what caused this problem, although I consider it potentially serious. If I am overblowing the seriousness, I apologize.

I was testing out the Menu. I created a new Menu under Admin > Navigation and called it "Test". Then I populated the Menu with an Html item and some other regular items - these were all dummy / non-existing pages. I also went to Admin > Content > Page and went to my home page; I added my home page to the menu by checking off "Show on menu" in the edit page. Finally, I added the Menu Widget to a particular zone on my page (it was under my "Default" layer).

Later, I went to Navigation > Menu > "Test" > Edit and deleted the "Test" Menu. I got a pop up about being sure if I wanted to delete the item and clicked "OK".

When I navigated to my site (the home page) I got a "This page has resulted in too many redirects..." / "Redirect loop" error. I was stumped.

I then went looking for my home page in Admin > Content > Content Items tab ... and it was MISSING. Turns out it was under the Admin > Content > Recycle Bin tab. I did NOT delete my home page.

I repeat, I did not go into the Admin > Content > Content Items tab and then click "Delete" next to the home page I have. No other pages were deleted as no other pages were added to the Menu (again, I had dummy entries aside from my home page)

It appears that deleting a Menu results in deleting the pages in that menu (or at least the home page?). I am referring to deleting the actual Menu under Admin > Navigation > [User's Menu]. I am not sure about going into the Menu a user creates (by clicking "Edit") and then deleting an individual item in that particular Menu.

I am also not sure if this occurs under a specific situation. What I did was 1) Delete the actual Menu, and 2) Delete the widget in the Zone that contained the Menu Widget. I suspect my doing it in this order (which I realized was wrong immediately) caused the problem.

It may be that the proper way to remove a Menu is a) go to the content page and uncheck "Show on menu", b) delete the widget that contains the Menu Widget, then c) delete the Menu the user created under Navigation.

In any event, I think the quickest "fix" (assuming I am correct) is to change the pop-up that appears when deleting the Menu to give a STERN warning about how it will delete the actual content page.


remesq wrote Jun 8, 2013 at 12:31 AM

Just to note that I messed up on the title of the issue. I mean deleting an actual menu, not the items contained in the menu.

sebastienros wrote Jun 8, 2013 at 12:59 AM

Pages can be a content item too. So it's probable that by deleting the menu item you actually have deleted the content item. Look at the right of the Menu Item what type it is. If it says Page, be careful, you are about to delete the page. You should instead go to this page and remove it from appearing in the menu.

Writing that I see how dumb this is, maybe we should at least not create the home page by default this way.