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Change Request: Email Channel / Variable Sender


Currently, the EmailMessagingChannel always uses the email address as configured in the SMTP settings section.

This effectively prevents IMessageEventHandler implementations from specifying a different sender address.

A use case: Creating a customized (extended) version of the MailForms used by the MailActions action provider, I want to be able to configure the sender of the email, just like it is possible to configure the recipient of the email. This is straight forward by implementing my own IMessageEventHandler and setting the From property on the MailMessage object. However, that From address is overridden in the SendMessage method of the EmailMessagingChannel.

Perhaps, instead of having to suppress the default implementation and using my own version, we could update this method to do a Null or Empty check on the From object of the MailMessage: if it's null / not set, THEN fetch the SMTP settings' FROM address; otherwise, don't touch it. Something like that?