Orchard Authentication: ADFS (SAML) or LDAP integration

Topics: Administration, Core, Customizing Orchard
Jan 21, 2016 at 1:31 AM

It would be great if someone could please guide me in finding solutions for our two necessities.
We have two different Orchard environments (v 1.8.2 & v1.9.2) on Azure cloud services (we are ready to move these to in-house servers too)

For Orchard Environment# 1:
For this environment we need to integrate Orchard authentication with ADFS or LDAP for Dashboard users and also map user roles to Orchard Roles.

So that Dashboard users need not have to remember Orchard credentials separately.
While Published pages are accessible to anonymous users.

Please note - This needs to be tenant specific as some of our tenants do not need ADFS/LDAP authentication.

For Orchard Environment# 2:
Here, we want entire site (and tenants) to be accessible only to ADFS or LDAP authenticated users (no anonymous access). But Dashboard accessible only to users with specific roles.

Feb 9, 2016 at 2:31 PM
You can check http://orchardgalleryfe.cloudapp.net/List/Modules/Orchard.Module.Authentication.Federated module for starter but I'm afraid that you will need to create your own security module to cover all your needs.