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Developing in Orchard productively

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Jul 18, 2015 at 10:26 PM
Hi there,

I am trying to learn to develop and create solutions in Orchard. I analyzed the architecture of the product and from theory looks quite well, but it looks that the learning curve is very long and hard. I tried the last days to create some basic things...some of them worked fine, most of them not. But it looks very very hard to clean up the things my module does to the database and I find myself trying to check every record in every database to do a manual cleanup, which is very very unproductive and frustrating and you wander if the technology is mature enough to be used in enterprise applications.
My question is (and I know was already asked too many times): is there something already (I could not find it by now) to do the cleaning of the module database? If not, is there a plan to build it? I know some people consider this being a very tough subject, but it really is not and could have so much time saved during development. It is a pity my database has now 100 table from the modules I installed to try them out and I have no idea how to clean the ones I am not interested in.
Also for is incredible hard to be productive when you have to manually clean up stuff and believe me...I am coming with a very deep SharePoint background (more than 10 years as architect and developer) and I know what unproductive development can be :). I wanted to implement it by myself initially, but there are too many undocumented things in the database to understand it in a way to not lose so much time.
I wanted to bring some good elements from SharePoint inside my Orchard solution, but for now I have to put the project on hold, because it looks that it is very hard to be productive in Orchard at the beginning (probably until you learn the database very well) and I started again to analyze if Orchard is a good platform for us for enterprise level applications.

Sorry I expressed maybe also some subjective thoughts, but I am interested to know if we (my company) should invest now to learn and use Orchard to use it in enterprise level applications or the purpose of Orchard is mainly to be used in small cms implementations, without many partners to develop it.

Jul 18, 2015 at 11:36 PM
Edited Jul 18, 2015 at 11:50 PM
Easiest way is to just blow away your database and everything in App_Data and recook your site. Maintain a setup recipe to recook so you don't have to configure things from scratch every time. Also, with an upcoming change you'll be able to reset your site easily after doing an export first.
In any case, there's no need to manually clean the database tables. I'd go insane pretty quickly myself. ;)

I actually know of a number of companies that leverage Orchard for their enterprise needs quite successfully.
There will be a Orchard Harvest conference end of September that you may want to check out, as there will probably be some folks talking about Orchard and their experience using it as an enterprise application that you may find interesting. Nothing's official yet, but more details should be revealed over the coming weeks.

Regarding the learning curve, we're here to help.