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Body Editor Shape Content not saving to database

Topics: Customizing Orchard, Writing modules
Jun 30, 2015 at 7:10 PM
I am new to Orchard and have been struggling through creating a simple module that will display a random image from a set of images on page load. I based the module of Tekno.FlexSlider as it had most of the functionality I needed.

Quick Overview:

FeaturedRandomImageWidget - Add this to a Zone with some variables (Width, Height, Resize Mode, Widget Name)

FeaturedRandomImageGroup - Creates a group to contain the Images. This is unique so you can have multiple groups of images (or in the module I base it off of multiple sliders per site)

FeaturedRandomImage - Allows you to pick the picture from the Media Library, url string in case the picture links somewhere on the display method, and the description for the pictured (This is what I am having trouble with)

The Problem

The one thing I am struggling with is for each image I would like a description for it. I messed around with dynamically adding the BodyText Content part to the widget, but I did not know how to access / display that in my view.

Next, I added a string called Content to my PartRecord for the Image Item and am using @Display.Body_Editor(Text: Model.Content, EditorFlavor: "html"). The TinyMCE renders in the editor section, but when I save it and debug, in the Editor Method of my driver it is null.

I would be happy to send snippets of code to help debug.