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Content item token does not appear to work when used in a query filter

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Jun 30, 2015 at 2:48 PM
Added an additional text field under the "User" content type, then populated the field for several existing users. I created a query with a filter that compares another text field against this new text value. In the value field of the "Edit Filter" page within the dashboard, a drop down icon allows me to choose from existing content item tokens. I see the token that appears to represent the new text field that was added to the "user" content type. When this token is used, the filter preview never shows any results, If instead, I replace the text field token with a hard coded value, representing existing known content, I get results from the preview. Its as if I am using the wrong token. Is there any way I can verify the right token? Is it possible that the token I need is not in the picker list?