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WebMatrix and 1.9

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Jun 5, 2015 at 11:38 PM
Edited Jun 5, 2015 at 11:40 PM
I've been dealing with this weird problem since 1.9 came out. I've spent some searching why Webmatrix stops working when I try to load up a site. The short answer is that people recommend uninstalling, deleting an AppData folder for the user, and then reinstalling Webmatrix.

That's not really helpful.

What I normally do is load up Webmatrix (primarily because I have mutli-tenants and because generally I don't have to click "Restart" and "Run" when I make changes to my themes or modules). I always click "Visual Studio" to actually work with views/code.

However, after I installed 1.9 and then after using it a couple of times I keep getting the "Webmatrix has stopped working" error. This has happened almost 10 times now. Note that I can load up a 1.8 installation in Webmatrix with no problem, even after these crashes. So it seems that it has something to do with 1.9.

My silly workaround is to unzip the original 1.9 web version back into the folder of my site - it only overwrites the Orchard.Web files which I don't change and leaves my themes/modules alone. All works fine for a while until it crashes again.

While I can use Visual Studio, it's actually a pain because ANY changes I make to views or code in my themes/modules does not get picked up when I refresh the website. So I have to "stop" IISExpress in the bottom right area. Then I have to click "Orchard.Web" in VS and click on "Browse".

Really I am just asking around to see if anyone has encountered this problem, because uninstalling, deleting a folder and reinstalling Webmatrix seems like a cop-out.