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Orchard at scale

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May 15, 2015 at 7:32 PM
I work for a small agency delivering web based systems to a number of well known UK companies. We've had really successful deliveries with Orchard for 2 projects ( big thank you to the Orchard community - keep up the great work ), one with ~8,000 authenticated users and one with ~1,500 authenticated users.

We've delivered the projects so far using a mix of 'pure' orchard - content types and placement, and some standard MVC based modules. We use the SysCache module to reduce database load and improve the speed of the system, but don't get much use out of the OutputCache module as most of our content is served to authenticated users.

Our next project is for a client with ~200,000 authenticated users and we'd love to keep using Orchard!

Does anyone who has experience of a much larger orchard implementation - with a large number of authenticated users. Particularly any gotcha's we should look out for or any likely performance issues? With the release of 1.9 and the improvements to the cacheing module, are there any suggestions on how to ensure that we can continue to use Orchard for our larger projects as well as our smaller ones?