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My Orchard and Azure experience

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Jan 15, 2015 at 7:55 AM
Last week I finally retried Azure (after 2 years) by moving my personal blog from my personal VPS (a non MS provider) to Azure websites. My plan was to move all my other sites to Azure in the near future too.

First I tried the Free website mode. Unfortunately I couldn't add a Domainname, so I switched to shared. Then a day later I saw in the Azure portal that the memory limit for shared mode is only 512MB. That's simply not enough to host a couple of websites in Orchard with multi tenancy. So I took a look at the pricing model of the Basic model, and I was shocked! A small basic instance cost me €41,56 per month (not even included a SQL server outgoing bandwitdh cost) and for a low performance machine 1,6 GHz CPU, 1,75 GB RAM.

When I compare this to my current VPS I've get much better specs for half the price. That's the reason I go back to my current VPS and leave Azure.

What do you guys think about Azure and hosting cost for hosting Orchard sites in Azure?
I'm the only one who tried Azure but left it again because of the pricing model?