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Seeking information on integrating Orchard with our other web environments - specifically user login form

Topics: Customizing Orchard
Jan 8, 2015 at 9:31 PM
We have recently added web store and online payment processing to our company. Obvious reasons are it makes it easier for customers to order parts and pay invoices. Our efforts to simplify the integration of these separate entities has lead us to Orchard where we are creating a website with information about our company and products and linking back to the webstore or customer Account.

the customer account is the key because we want one sign on option across all entities. I have created a single webform page that does this. a user enters their username and password and it validates that information against the webstore and stores session variables of their credentials. All validation is done through the webstore.

How can I create the same page in orchard and show in the navigation bar that the user is sign in/out? I know that is a really generic question but I need to find some solution before our orchard site is launched.

Does anyone have information on how to do this or where to look for more details? From what I have been reading, a custom module seems like the answer but I have never done that inside of orchard. Maybe that isn't the best solution?