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Some questions about theming orchard

Topics: Customizing Orchard, Writing themes
Dec 7, 2014 at 10:04 PM
Hi everybody

First a big thanks to the orchard team, for providing this awesome cms as an open source. It have so many functions and I just loved it.

But I'm struggling with some problems regarding new theme in orchard cms.

I,m trying to customize it with Bootstrap 3.x.x css framework. I have a finished site in Bootstrap and will love to use it in orchard cms. I have been watching several videos about customizing orchard e.g.:
  • Dojo Course tutorials
  • 2014 06 10 Orchard Harvest Conference
I have been installing themes from the gallery based on Bootstrap:
Raptor.Ericka | Bootstrap 3.2.0 Base Theme

But i don't get the workflows for customizing it with my Bootstrap site. Maybe i'm stupid - i Dont know

But here's what i have been up to :
  • Make a copy of TheThemeMachine/bootstrap theme with code gen or just copy/paste it in Visual Studio
  • copy all css files, images, fonts and scripts from my bootstrap site, to the new theme (style, scripts, content folders) - Place a webconfig in all new folders - include the necessary files in Document.cshtml
All things which shall appear on all pages, should be coded in views/Layout.cshtm. It could be header and footer - customize it with the regarding zone i need

Make changes to BadgeOfHonor.cshtml and branding.cshtml if needed

Now to my questions:
regarding navigation - it will be very nice if my beauty full and long time coding menu, appears on every page too. How to do that?

all custom html should be placed in html-widgets on the page (In dashboard)?

I can see i needed approximately 10 pages. Should I struggle with modules widget zones and layers for every page until i have the layout i want?

Is it any advantage to make some templates?

I have seen this video: 2014 06 10 Orchard Harvest Conference 2 From Bootstrap to Orchard in 20 minutes by Sebastien Ros on

I just love his performance and how he make it very simple to use less with bootstrap in orchard. Unfortunately he ran out time, in the end of the tutorial. And some copy/paste on code - It was very quick he finished up
Is there an transcript or step by step tutorial on this tutorial?

I know there is a TheBootstrapMachine on this url
Is there any tutorial off how to use?

I hope somebody can help me with my questions or guide me to a nice tutorial of using bootstrap in orchard

Thanks in advance
Dec 13, 2014 at 2:52 AM

Check this :

it´s a six part blog posts series, the author shows how to create an Orchard theme from a bootstap html template (i believe this will answer most of your questions).

And, in order to master theming and other orchard insights (this is a bit more advanced, really good) check:


Hope it helps.

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Dec 15, 2014 at 1:49 PM
Hi nduarte
Wow. I haven't seen these before. It looks like it will answer my questions.

Thank you