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Where to submit issues relating to the orchard website / gallery site?

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Nov 10, 2014 at 5:32 PM

Gallery Issue - Module Page Shows Error

I've noticed that there is a module listed in the website which when you try to visit it an error page is displayed:

I can't see where this should be reported, the website project in the Github account is empty, the project for the Orchard Gallery says its not maintained and the main codeplex repository doesn't seem to cover the website or the gallery.

Website Issue - Broken Homepage Links

I've seen some mention of a site redesign being in the works. Is this just a new skin or is the site getting an overhaul?

There are broken links on the homepage of the site in the communities section, some of them are gone, some seem to have merged.

Website Issue - Broken Gallery Links

At some point in the past the gallery was moved from /gallery to a subdomain but a 301 redirect hasn't been put in place to forward visitors. There are still many links to the /gallery version scattered around the sites so these need updating and the 301 needs implementing because I've seen some off-site links to the /gallery urls.

Gallery Issue - Broken links in footer of site

Some because of issue above, NimblePros doesn't exist any more, translate is 404 as well.

It sort of seems like this project is slowly dying because everything is out of date. I'm not up to speed enough to be providing any valuable contribution to the main project but if I could get at the websites I could clean up some of these issues?
Dec 10, 2014 at 5:02 AM