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Understending SessionState for RouteDescriptor

Topics: Core
Oct 23, 2014 at 1:10 PM

I have noticed that orchard[1.7.3] doesn't allow to process concurrent requests('actions') on the same Controller for the one user.

I have TestController and simple action GetData. I am running following script on web page:
for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
     $.ajax({url: "/OrchardLocal/Rafalt/GetData?id="+i});
Method GetData is processed synchronously on server side. Why ???

I found that this is because of this:

After set SessionState=SessionStateBehaviour.Readonly/Disabled for my route, GetData action were processed concurrently.

My question is:
what will stop working if I will change SessionState to Readonly or to Disabled for my route?
is there any other way to change this behaviour?