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customtypes error

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Oct 12, 2014 at 1:06 PM
当我自定义一个类型的时候,这里没有问题,但是当我把它删除的时候,提示删除成功。但是当我刷新页面的时候,一会儿还会显示出这个类型,一会儿又没了,并且当我再创建其它类型仍然会出现这个问题,不知道这是不是一个漏洞?我用的数据库是mysql ,orchard 版本是1.8.1
I use the Baidu translate, sorry。
When I was create a custom type, there is no problem, but when I put it deleted, suggesting that deleted successfully. But when I refresh the page, while also showing the type, while they did not, and when I get to create other types will still be the problem, do not know if this Is it right? A bug? I use the database is mysql, the orchard version is 1.8.1