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Assembly Reference Orchard Recipes can not load

Topics: Administration, Core, Troubleshooting
Sep 15, 2014 at 4:49 AM
No changes were made to our orchard installation. Only content changes to one of the tenant sites was being modified here and there. Then one day, the following error/warning appeared at the top of the admin pages:

The assembly reference 'Orchard.Recipes' could not be loaded for module 'Orchard.Setup'.

Now many of the admin pages result in a runtime error. If I try to hit the "Modules" area I get the following:

Exception Details: Autofac.Core.DependencyResolutionException: None of the constructors found with 'Orchard.Environment.AutofacUtil.DynamicProxy2.ConstructorFinderWrapper' on type 'Orchard.Modules.Controllers.AdminController' can be invoked with the available services and parameters:
Cannot resolve parameter 'Orchard.Recipes.Services.IRecipeHarvester recipeHarvester' of constructor 'Void .ctor(System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[Orchard.Modules.Events.IExtensionDisplayEventHandler], Orchard.IOrchardServices, Orchard.Modules.Services.IModuleService, Orchard.Data.Migration.IDataMigrationManager, Orchard.Reports.Services.IReportsCoordinator, Orchard.Environment.Extensions.IExtensionManager, Orchard.Environment.Features.IFeatureManager, Orchard.Recipes.Services.IRecipeHarvester, Orchard.Recipes.Services.IRecipeManager, Orchard.Environment.Descriptor.Models.ShellDescriptor, Orchard.Environment.Configuration.ShellSettings, Orchard.DisplayManagement.IShapeFactory)'.

How do I fix this? I have no idea what changed that could have caused the orchard installation to start erroring like this.

Sep 15, 2014 at 6:19 AM
Do you get the same issue on your development machine? Maybe try and redeploy the installation?
Sep 15, 2014 at 6:33 AM
No I have not seen it on the development server, but extra modules have been loaded over time on the production server that may or may not be on the dev server so the environment are a little different now.

It is just strange how the error started appearing out of no where. I did delete the dependencies...and when the site first reloads the warning on the admin actually reads:

"The assembly reference 'Orchard.Packaging' could not be loaded for module 'Orchard.Recipes."

then if I refresh the page it reads:

"The assembly reference 'Orchard.Recipes' could not be loaded for module 'Orchard.Setup'."

This warning remains unless I delete the dependencies again. The logs indicate it is the Orchard.Packaging assembly not loading as well. Any thoughts on steps I might take without redeploying the whole installation?

Thank you
Sep 15, 2014 at 6:59 AM
It's hard to say what causes this without actually checking your installation, and I have never seen this myself. I would make sure that both modules are there and that the Orchard.Recipes assembly is present in both the Dependencies folder as well as in the bin folder of Orchard.Setup (or at least compare those folders with your local version to see if anything is different).

When you do redeploy, make sure you don't overwrite App_Data (specifically not the Sites folder) and the Media folder.
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