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Orchard Developer Meeting Notes (2014)

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Aug 2, 2014 at 11:24 AM
I'm going to post here the meeting notes and the video of the Orchard Developer Meetings in 2014 every week, starting with this week retrospectively. You can subscribe to this discussion so you'll receive updates (almost) immediately.

You can join us on every Thursday at 12PM PST (7PM UTC) in the same meeting room as the Steering Committee Meetings.

You can also find every meeting video in a playlist on YouTube and receive a notification there too about the new videos if you subscribe to my channel.
Aug 2, 2014 at 11:25 AM

31st of July, 2014 - Video


  • This is the first meeting that is dedicated to pull requests and bug triage. We laid down the foundations of how these meetings should be performed, so next week we'll have even more PR reviews done!
  • Zoltán reviewed all the pull requests and commented on them, some of them are good-to-go. He compiled a complete list of all the pending PRs with a short description so we can review them easier.
  • The process of reviewing PRs should be:
    1. Give feedback.
    2. Comment "GTG" if the reviewer(s) think it's good-to-go (though Sébastien's "GTG" - or veto - is the final verdict).
    3. Pull it in.
  • The process of reviewing bug reports:
    1. Triage and discussion.
    2. Set properties (e.g. "Release").
    3. Fix it.
  • Guidelines for sending in PRs:
    • Describe what the PR is for.
    • There should be a corresponding work item.
    • Use a single fork and create branches for each of your PRs.
    • Delete your PR branch in your fork after the PR has been pulled.
    • We should give clear indications for the reasons a PR could be declined.
    • Change the "Release" of the work item to match the branch the PR was pulled into.
    • A recent version of the target branch should be merged into your PR branch before it's accepted.
    • A valid commit message should be provided (with a specific format that automatically resolves the work item on CodePlex):
#12345: this is the commit message

Work Item: 12345
  • How the PR is actually accepted:
    1. Rebase in on the target branch (vs. merging).
    2. Squashing (only those commits that doesn't add much, though history should be retained).
    3. Accept the PR using Sébastien's magic script.
  • Sébastien will share his Git-alias (a script that automates the process of pulling in PRs using only 4 input parameters).
  • Sébastien will create a page on the website to describe everything that you need to know regarding PRs.
  • We have reviewed 4 PRs this time, 3 of them by Stanley (3:0 to Stanley!), Sébastien gave GTG for those 3:
  • See you for another Orchard Developer Podcast next week (and in fact on every Thursday) at the same time (12PM PST (7PM UTC)) and place!
Aug 8, 2014 at 2:12 PM

7th of August, 2014 - Video

Episode title: "Who did THIS???" :)


Aug 8, 2014 at 3:55 PM
"Episode Title" is a meeting feature that should definitely continue...
Aug 8, 2014 at 6:44 PM
WHO did this
Aug 8, 2014 at 8:10 PM
And the answer was... Sebastien! :-D
Aug 18, 2014 at 3:06 PM

14th of August, 2014 - Video


  • Pull requests processed:
    • DisableThemePart additions: the PR and the linked issue are not related, this should be resolved (with a new issue and a PR).
    • Not draftable content vs. PublishLater: the "Save"/"Publish Now" behaviour should not be changed, but the UI should be improved for PublishLater when the content is not draftable.
    • Route and Content tokens: needs some changes before GTG.
    • Multi search form: makes it possible to have different search forms for different indices. Needs some changes/fixes, otherwise looking good.
    • MediaLibraryPickerField fix: the PR was pulled in, but unfortunately later the changes were deleted due to a rollback. A new fix was applied recently, so the issue and the PR were closed. Btw the same problem occured to ContentPickerField too (also fixed).
    • Blogs + Lists: maybe later :). Actually it's already done, so the PR is closed.
    • Extended menu permissions: there are some suggestions for changes, otherwise GTG.
    • Support for Prefix in form manager: after some slight modification/optimization it's GTG.
    • Permission names as public constants: actually this a good practice, but pulling this in would mean that Orchard developers/contributors would have to follow this convention always, so the PR was declined. Even with this change, 3rd-party modules could suffer from a breaking changes if a permission is renamed, since the name of the variable should be changed too.
    • ProjectionPage - ItemsPerPage and more: needs review/feedback by Sébastien.
    • AntiSpam comment tokens empty: the root of the problem is an other issue, which was fixed but the original (bad) behaviour was restored. Awaiting feedback on that.
  • An idea for a feature emerged during the reviews by Stanley: a content type setting called "Permissible", which would make it possible to configure permissions per content item when editing the permissions for a specific user role. This feature is based on the Dynamic Permissions feature, so it's bit different from Content Permissions. Useful for content types with not too many items, e.g. Menus and Lists.
Aug 26, 2014 at 5:46 PM

21st of August, 2014 - Video

Aug 29, 2014 at 2:44 PM

28th of August, 2014 - Video


  • We did almost an hour long bug triage and it's showing good progress: we reached January of 2014!
  • May the do-loop be with you!
Sep 30, 2014 at 7:04 PM

25th of September, 2014 - Video


  • Sébastien fixed a nasty issue in Taxonomies with Terms created from code (#20959), refactored TaxonomyService, removed a few unused methods, aaand: added in-line documentation to ITaxonomyService!
  • We reviewed a PR, then triaged a bunch of issues (we're now in the middle of March).
Oct 27, 2014 at 4:53 PM

23rd of October, 2014 - Video


  • "ContentPicker plugin for TinyMCE" PR needs small, cosmetic changes, then GTG.
  • The PR for fixing the "Href" helper has to be confirmed for repro, then GTG.
  • The PR for customizing ISessionConfiguration is GTG on 1.x.
  • The PR for updating the build scripts is GTG on 1.8.x.
  • Discussed a few other PRs that are work-in-progress and quite a few work items were visited as well.
  • We reached the middle of June with the proposed issues!