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LESS support - clarification?

Topics: Writing themes
Jul 27, 2014 at 9:28 PM
Hi Guys,

You going to have to bear with me, I just started building my custom theme all of about 6 working hours ago, so I've still got a lot to catch up on :) (on that note, it's a real shame that such an awesome project as orchard, has so little documentation to get you going - most of that first 6 hours was just spent trying to work out the best way to get started)

Anyway the point of my question is the support for less in Orchard? I'm trying to build a theme based on the PJS.Boostrap theme, which contains pretty much only less files. I can't get a clear picture on how these are supported. I know there was a less module that seems to have stalled. Is less support now native to orchard, or am I just missing something in the PJS.Bootstap module that is enabling the less pre-processing?