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Orchard support to Oracle and SQL

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Jul 24, 2014 at 5:01 PM
Hi ,

Iam sunil and iam working on Orchard CMS from couple of months, I need your inputs
related to the use of Orchard CMS to access SQL and Oracle database.I have a requirement
like I will be building a site using Orchard CMS using SQL Connection and i will make the setup of the site.
I also need to get the Informtaion from Oracle databse some times may be related to the users or may be a conetent information
which resides in oracle database. I need your suggestion that is it possible to use SQL as CMS databse for admin module and
oracle database for geting the userinformation and also may be to modify the information.If it is possible then i need what are the major changes
we need to do to support the Oracle and SQL database in orchard. Can you please guide me or give me more information on this.

Thanks in Advance
Jul 25, 2014 at 7:06 AM
JasperD wrote:
It feels a bit like you haven't invested to much time into research (reading Orchard source, trying Google) yet. Anyway, start with overriding IMembershipService to authenticate users against your Ora DB. I'm not sure what you intend to do with your content. Do you just want to display it or do you plan to modify it in Orchard? Should content in your Orchard DB stay in sync with your Ora DB? I see many "maybes" in your question. What are the actual requirements and what have you planned to far? Have you evaluated/tried the fork that is supposed to make Orchard compatible with Oracle?
Hi JasperD,

I thank you first for your reply to my Question.
Yes, thats true iam not invested much time on this, and I will try the overriding of the service which you mentioned. I have a requirement like i have customer data in the oracle database from past 10 years my client dont want to change this database he needs us to reuse the same,but orchard CMS is more flexible with SQL rather than oracle. We are having few scenarios where we will just display the content as it is or we will modify this content like we have a scenario where user will login and modify the user related information whcih resides in oracle database , and sometimes user will make some payments using 3rd party gateways like this. So iam looking in such a way that Is i possible in orchard to develope which supports SQL Database for Admin Operations and Will Support Oracle database when we play with the customer data. If yes then what are all the changes required. I need your inputs....

Thanks in Advance