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Missing items in Lucene index

Topics: Core, General
Jun 1, 2014 at 1:11 AM
I have a content type 'news' with a 'newspart' attached having five or so properties in a record and a 'titlepart'. There are around 80k items in the database.

The title is being indexed (amongst other fields such as commonpart's datetime fields). Titles include url's of websites and where I seem to be able to find some, not all are showing up.

I tried 'rebuilding' the index (process fails with around 10k items being indexed) multiple times. I can 'update' the index which runs a while after which 10k or 20k items are indexed. Then the request 'fails' and I have to update again. This process continues up untill 80k items are infact indexed. However I still can't seem to find all items in the admin search while searching for title.

*Using Orchard 1.8