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Running Orchard as Virtual Directory in Azure

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Apr 10, 2014 at 4:32 AM
I am trying to run Orchard as a Virtual Directory in an existing WebRole with my main site as the main WebRole.

So basically:

Also, this is currently a POC, bootstrapped and cheap, so I am using ONE instance. I had to do some fancy wizardy to get this set up, which was annoying. Basically, I had to:
  1. "package" the Azure solution as though I were going to publish to Azure.
  2. Open the package and pull out the deployed site
  3. Merge the packaged site with ALL modules/Bin files:
  4. Set up MySite ServiceDefinition.csdef with the required settings found in the Orchard.Azure project, AND set up a VirtualApplication pointing to my nifty full packaged Orchard app (Azure does a simple copy of the entire contents as-is when it publishes this)
Problem 1:
Why was this so difficult to arrange? Should be simple. Deploying Orchard to Azure is annoying, and for a noob, it's difficult to make sense what is required (Modules pulled in dynamic, not sure where they should live on disk because all that magic happens at compile or publish time, etc)

Problem 2:
All I get once I publish to Azure and launch the app is a 500 error: "no such host is known". this appears to be an Azure cache error? But 1) I am not trying to use cache on a single instance, and 2) I get this error even if I give it a valid cache connection/key.

Out of ideas. Anyone have advice on how to work with this? And how do I suggest feature changes for better architecture/deployment?