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Things about the Media Library we'd like to fix, Just need some input...

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Mar 10, 2014 at 5:00 PM
Hey all,

@bgrabkowitz and I have been using the new Media Library and Image Processing functionality in our sites. Really awesome stuff, but there are a few things that bug us after using it for a while.

Over the weekend, Ben has been addressing the lack of expand/collapse in the Folder Display.
Issue 20542 - Pull Request - Screencast

And we just reported this issue, which we will be fixing soon as well.
Issue 20546

Things that we are looking to fix:
  1. Users cannot change a file's name. (Issue 20512) Was this intentional or an oversight? If it was just an oversight, where do we agree the "file name" text box should be located? I imagined it would be a textbox located above a Media Item's Title.
  2. What is the purpose/intent of the folderPath query string variable? The folderPath variable is updated as the user selects nodes in the tree. Is this an attempt at back button support? If so, when the user reloads the page, the variable is also being used as root folder for display. This seems like a bug.
  3. Renaming a Media Folder, and thus moving it's contents, does not reflect in the Media Items that were contained in that folder. After we agree upon renaming, there is also the issue of deleting (Issue 20489).
We are looking forward to your input, as we are interested in fixing these bugs this week.

Mar 10, 2014 at 7:06 PM
We spent some more time looking into #2 on that list, we discovered that there was a bug in our version by changes I made for an internal feature request.
I just resolved it.

We now understand that the folderPath variable is used to "preselect" a folder in the users tree. Useful as that is,

The bug is it adds to the history of the user's browser and handlers are not supported as the user clicks back.
Until they back their way out of the Media Library altogether.

I know there different ways of utilizing the browser history implementations, I know there are some that change the url without adding to browser history, It seems that is what we should be using in this instance.