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Change default login authentication to custom authentication by API

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Mar 6, 2014 at 8:02 AM
Hello every one,

can some 1 help me please.
my requirement
  1. i want to change default login page to my login page
  2. then i want to authenticate users from external API and fetch roles from that.
  3. for that purpose i have developed custom module but its not working i have created Routes.cs inside main custom module and pointed to my my login controller.
    sorry for long questions.
    here is my code.
    public class AccountController : Controller
        private readonly IAuthenticationService _authenticationService;
        private readonly IMembershipService _membershipService;
        private readonly IUserService _userService;
        private readonly IOrchardServices _orchardServices;
        private readonly IEnumerable<IUserEventHandler> _userEventHandlers;
        public AccountController(
            IAuthenticationService authenticationService,
            IMembershipService membershipService,
            IUserService userService,
            IOrchardServices orchardServices,
            IEnumerable<IUserEventHandler> userEventHandlers)
            _authenticationService = authenticationService;
            _membershipService = membershipService;
            _userService = userService;
            _orchardServices = orchardServices;
            _userEventHandlers = userEventHandlers;
            Logger = NullLogger.Instance;
            T = NullLocalizer.Instance;
        public ILogger Logger { get; set; }
        public Localizer T { get; set; }
        public ActionResult LogOn()
            if (_authenticationService.GetAuthenticatedUser() != null)
                return Redirect("~/");
            var shape = _orchardServices.New.LogOn().Title(T("Log On").Text);
            return new ShapeResult(this, shape);
        [SuppressMessage("Microsoft.Design", "CA1054:UriParametersShouldNotBeStrings",
            Justification = "Needs to take same parameter type as Controller.Redirect()")]
        public ActionResult LogOn(string userNameOrEmail, string password, string returnUrl, bool rememberMe = false)
            var user = ValidateLogOn(userNameOrEmail, password);
            //if (!System.Web.Mvc.ModelState.IsValid)
            //    var shape = _orchardServices.New.LogOn().Title(T("Log On").Text);
            //    return new ShapeResult(this, shape);
            _authenticationService.SignIn(user, rememberMe);
            foreach (var userEventHandler in _userEventHandlers)
            return this.RedirectLocal(returnUrl);
        private IUser ValidateLogOn(string userNameOrEmail, string password)
            bool validate = true;
            //if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(userNameOrEmail))
            //    System.Web.Mvc.ModelState.AddModelError("userNameOrEmail", T("You must specify a username or e-mail."));
            //    validate = false;
            //if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(password))
            //    System.Web.Mvc.ModelState.AddModelError("password", T("You must specify a password."));
            //    validate = false;
            //if (!validate)
            //    return null;
            var user = _membershipService.ValidateUser(userNameOrEmail, password);
            //if (user == null)
            //    System.Web.Mvc.ModelState.AddModelError("_FORM", T("The username or e-mail or password provided is incorrect."));
            return user;
    public class HomeRoutes : IRouteProvider {
    #region IRouteProvider Members
    public void GetRoutes(ICollection<RouteDescriptor> routes) {
        foreach (RouteDescriptor routeDescriptor in GetRoutes()) {
    public IEnumerable<RouteDescriptor> GetRoutes() {
        return new[] {
            //it's igly, but works
            //TODO: find more elegant way without controller
            new RouteDescriptor {
                Name = "AAJMobilityCloudUsers/LoginController/LogOn",
                Priority = 85,
                Route = new Route(
                    new RouteValueDictionary {
                        {"area", "AAJMobilityCloud.Users"},
                        {"controller", "AccountController"},
                        {"action", "LogOn"}
                    //new RouteValueDictionary {
                    //    {"area", "Orchard.CulturePicker"},
                    //    {"controller", "LocalizableHome"},
                    new RouteValueDictionary {
                        {"area", "AAJMobilityCloud.Users"}
                    new MvcRouteHandler())
    i follow windows authentication by alexz but it not working.