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Orchard.MediaPicker module not in the download, but still in master

Topics: Administration, Core, Installing Orchard
Feb 28, 2014 at 11:07 AM
I am upgrading a site (we made custom modules) to orchard 1.7 (was going for 1.8 at first) and I'm missing the Orchard.MediaPicker module from the zip download ( I did the upgrade against the source as it is in the master branch (at commit 7dff22a47864b794a28ae3f05b939c7ac7b98e93) and it is still in the source there. Even in the Module.txt of that module the version is 1.7.2 so it doesn't seem to be deprecated.

Is my assumption about it not being deprecated correct and if not what should I do as the current (1.6.1) site uses it?