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Building a site for management tools

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Feb 24, 2014 at 8:12 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm working on a project for work that involves building an internal site with management tools for various tasks in my department. Typically we use DNN for this sort of thing, but no one really likes using it so I thought I would check out Orchard, and so far it looks great!

What I can't seem to find out though is if this use case is practical in Orchard. I'm looking to basically have a number of pages each with different content, such as a page with graphs to show disk space on various servers, or a page with a tool to list files available on a drive. All of the backend stuff is straightforward and being implemented, but I'm wondering how difficult a front end like this will be to implement in Orchard.

With DNN I would create a module for each of these pages (or multiple modules/page) and drop the modules onto the appropriate pages, but I don't see a similar option with Orchard.

I've looks at widgets and content parts and content types, but none of them seem to offer similar functionality. I think I could make it work with widgets but it looks like I would need to define Zones for each page in order to display them properly.

Can anyone give me any hints or suggestions about how I might implement this sort of site?