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Trouble positioning two different ‘ Fields_ContentPickers ‘ in the frontend for user display.

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Feb 7, 2014 at 9:36 AM
Edit Placememt It works in the admin interface but this fix does not appear to change the order of display in the user frontend (Rendered HTML).

I’m sitting in a scenario where I have a very large information website (Orchard 1.6.1) which uses the Taxonomy and a Taxonomy field to manage a many to many relationship on parent and child items. My taxonomy is four levels deep. In Orchard 1.6.1, the taxonomy fields only rendered one level deep on displayed for the user. In 1.7.2 it renders the entire tree of all relationships fours levels deep. All attempts to prevent this have failed. I can understand the use of this if I wanted to do a full tree, but in my scenario I only want to render one level deep on each page. After giving up on taxonomy field I am now planning to recreate all my content relationships using the new Content Picker field in 1.7.2. In theory my prototype is working, except I can’t separate the placement of the two Content Picker fields in the frontend.

In most cases I would use but in this scenario I have no way to distinguish between two different ID’s of the Content Picker field. I have a ‘Content Picker Field’ with a content name ‘RelatedToParent’ for one ID and another with a content name of ‘ManyToManyRelationship’ for the other ID.

I need to create the following in principal but obvious it doesn’t work because you can’t distinguish between the different Fields_ContentPicker.

Fields_ContentPicker="Header:6" <- ID=ManyToManyChildRelationship
Fields_ContentPicker="Content:2" <- ID=ManyToManyToParentRelationship

The Edit placement does not work on the content type for the frontend but it works in the admin interface. Is there a way to get this right? Any help would be appreciated because I can’t upgrade to 1.7.2 until I can resolve this display issue.

Note: I have implemented fix from this thread but no luck for the frontend.

Thanks in advance.
Feb 7, 2014 at 1:46 PM
Thank you jao28 for helping me resolve this.
<Place Fields_ContentPicker-ManyToManyChildRelationship="Header:6"/>
<Place Parts_Common_Body="Content:1"/>
<Place Fields_ContentPicker-ManyToManyToParentRelationship="Content:2"/>
Fix is referenced here orignally.

Note: Edit Placement is still not working in the frontend.
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