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Orchard CMS User Group and Meetup - Mumbai, India

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Jan 18, 2014 at 3:33 PM

Actually I needed some guidance related to Orchard CMS User Group and Meetups.

I am planning to start a Mumbai, India Orchard CMS User Group so that all the people from Mumbai interested in Orchard CMS can meetup and learn, discuss , share knowledge on a monthly basis.

Though I am not an Orchard CMS Expert, But I do know the basic Module development using Orchard and I am looking forward to become an expert.

I have created a orchard cms meetup for mumbai on

And I have also got a domain name for Orchard CMS Mumbai

Can anybody please guide me on this if possible. Like the do's and don'ts and suggestions for getting started.

Abhishek Luv
Jan 24, 2014 at 5:06 PM
I've run a couple of successful .NET Developer Groups for years, and can offer some basic guidance.

First, I would verify there is enough interest in Orchard CMS in your area to support a group before spending a lot of time and effort. This includes people actually attending the events. A lot of people may be interested in the topic, but not willing to attend the events. The location, date and times you hold the meetup will impact attendance, too.

Second, I would determine if those interested in attending are "Users", "Developers", or "Job Recruiters". This will affect attendance and the topics. If your attendees are users ( non-developers ), talking about building custom modules may not be the most exciting topic for them, even though this is of interest to you.

Third, I would determine if you have a pool of presenters, unless you are planning on speaking about everything.

Fourth, if food and drinks are expected at the meetup, you may want to get some sponsors, unless you plan on paying for everything, too.

Fifth, I would make sure you have a location available for the meetup and that it is available in a good location and when people are most interested in attending.

Sixth, if you have determined that the meetup will be a success and you are planning to implement it, I would bring in a couple of interested group members to help with logistics. Take turns marketing, securing presenters, and other meetup logistics. If you take on too much responsibility yourself, you won't have as much fun and free time to grow the group.

Well, that's a start. My recommendation is to really do your homework as to whether there is enough interest in the topic before kicking it off. I would visit other meetups in the area and kick around your ideas with them and their attendees. I recommend giving a few presentations on Orchard CMS at other meetups and groups and see if people are generally interested in a dedicated group.

Good luck.

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