GetItemMetadata DisplayText Without N+1 on Multiple Content Items

Topics: Customizing Orchard, Writing modules
Jan 16 at 3:55 PM
I am trying to avoid the infamous N+1 issues but cannot figure out how to do it when I want to utilize GetItemMetadata DisplayText for MULTIPLE content items (don't think there is a function that does this in batch. Here is the code I have to optimize:
return new ProductRecommendationViewModel {
    ProductRecommendations = _contentManager
            p => new ProductRecommendationEntry {
                ProductRecommendationId = p.ContentItem.Id,
                ProductRecommendation = p,
                IsSelected = productRecommendations.ContainsKey(p.Id) ? true : false,
                RecommendationCondition = productRecommendations.ContainsKey(p.Id) ? productRecommendations[p.Id] : RecommendationConditions.Conditions.AlwaysRecommended,
                RecommendationConditions = GetRecommendationConditions(productRecommendations.ContainsKey(p.Id) ? productRecommendations[p.Id] : RecommendationConditions.Conditions.AlwaysRecommended),
                DisplayText = _contentManager.GetItemMetadata(p).DisplayText
        .OrderBy(vm => vm.DisplayText)
Note the DisplayText is calling a query for EVERY product so this will take longer and longer as I have more products. This is what I want to batch BEFORE I get into the Select area but I am not sure how it can be done. I don't want to take a dependency on TitlePart because content items don't always have TitlePart (so DisplayText seems correct, just inefficient).

Thanks for the help.