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Alter Core Module or Build "Inefficient" View?

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Nov 11, 2013 at 2:49 AM
Edited Nov 11, 2013 at 2:50 AM
Hey guys,

Looking for advice here. I recently posted a feature request about Display Type customisation for Taxonomies - which the consensus was to integrate it with Projections in a future version of Orchard. I think that's a fantastic idea, however it doesn't help me now, so alas I must find an alternative solution.

What I'm trying to do is when a specific Term is viewed, I would like to alter the Display Type of the Content Items. Currently the TermPartDriver sets the display type as Summary.

Currently I have arrived to two solutions for this, neither are particularly great (hence I'm here asking for help):
  1. Modify the Taxonomies module TermPartDriver to read in a setting (which I would need to create), to set the display type.
  2. Create an alternate in my theme overriding Parts.TermPart-MyTerm.cshtml and rebuild the shape for each content item.
Hopefully you can see the issues with either approach. @1 will fork the core. @2 will have the Driver building the shapes as a Summary display type, only to loop through again in the view to build my custom display type.

I am concerned about performance as the Term views will be the core of the website I'm building, with at least 20 items being loaded each time on a medium-traffic site.

Possibly there is some sort of "shape caching" that I'm unaware of which would mean option @2 is better - I don't know.

I look forward to your advice, thanks!