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Git publishing to Azure Web Sites with source enlistments

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Oct 10, 2013 at 11:51 AM
I use a full source enlistment locally for my site (git pull from central CodePlex repo, branch locally to make my tweaks, merge from origin/master when there are major features or releases). For deployment, I use the ClickToBuild.cmd to build the website & then FTP the files to my Azure Web Site (WAWS). This works fine... but I love the idea of git publishing!

I've read David Hayden's post on the subject, but that only addresses deployments when you have a website codebase... not the whole enlistment.

In my testing a deployment is pushing the entire source (/src & /lib for instance) which isn't what I want. Ideally I only want to push the Orchard.Web project, but I can't seem to crack the nut. Pretty sure I can't push just a subfolder in a source tree.

Another question... if you already have a site deployed, is it a good idea (if you plan to use git publishing) to:
  1. delete everything in the WAWS
  2. create the git repo in the Azure portal
  3. setup the local repo & pull
  4. add the files & push
I ask because if you already have a deployment, seems like you wouldn't want to push a new codebase on top of the existing one. Or would it be a better approach to simply treat the git pushing capability using a separate repo (for instance, in the case above use one for development where the remote is Codeplex & then have a totally separate repo for Azure... then when you are ready to move things, you manually move them locally from the "dev repo" to the "production repo").

I'm trying to nail this down to create a good doc on the documentation section of the site for this process. Any input is greatly appreciated.