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Best Practices for Orchard on Windows Azure Web Sites

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Oct 7, 2013 at 9:36 PM
I am in the midst of setting-up a very small website for a client. I want my client to be able to control the content on his site since I have a day job (ASP.NET MVC dev) and I want to be able to code any custom requirements he may have in the future.

I've selected the Orchard CMS via the Azure Web Sites gallery and opted for a SQL Server Compact database (since I don't want to incur data charges for my client).

There's no data yet, its not too late to do it differently, so...

Is this fine so far? Are there any best practices? Should I have gone for building and publishing my own Orchard codebase? What's the upgrade story from a gallery installation? Should I use the Azure FTP feature to backup the data?

Thanks for any advice,