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Is there a way I can control a Search module data fully from a Partial view?

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Sep 3, 2013 at 12:03 PM
Edited Sep 3, 2013 at 12:09 PM

Is there any option to completely control a Search module with a Summary view? I am struggling to get there. I have the following settings so far:
  1. In admin I created an Index called PublicSearch with a number of fields.
  2. I am getting a search result which is a mixture of two content parts - Question and Expert
  3. I have a Part view to be used in search result for Experts called ExpertSummary.cshtml. The view only contains the following elements now:
@model dynamic
<p>Expert Summary</p>
When the search result is coming I only expect the "Expert Summary" to be visible in Expert result of the Search but I am getting an additional "body" section (truncated to X characters). It seems to me because "body" is selected as a field when I created the Index it is coming up.

Each Expert record has an image of expert which is coming up in the search result and When I take out
<Place Fields_MediaPicker="Content:1" /> `
from it disappears, which is fine.

But I want this summary to be completely controllable in ExpertSummary.cshtml - like a two column layout where the left col will hold the expert image and the right one will hold a brief description along with some other info - but everything would be in the View - should not come from Orchard search module as defaults.

In short I want Orchard's Index and Search modules to be functional and working like it is now but the layout and information I want to control completely using custom HTML in Parts/ExpertSummary.cshtml view.

Is this at all possible? If yes, how?