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Orchard: Mobile and Statistics

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Aug 9, 2013 at 12:04 AM
Firstly I'd like to say how great Orchard looks and that I am relatively new to MVC.

Our company is looking into using Orchard for several major projects. It looks really promising and we are probably going to start work on it within the next month.

One priority within our project is providing content to mobiles.

Our other priority is statistics. Our system needs to provide a lot of statistical reports regarding users usage. Our old system did not provide statistics and we are porting it over into MVC and Orchard. We want statistics to be deeply integrated and just be pretty awesome.

I was wondering if there are any examples of providing content items to mobiles available? And for statistics, I know you could say it is reinventing the wheel and there are other solutions out there but the clients want it and we need feature usage for each user etc. I assume this will all be possible but just wanted to know if anyone had done this (I cant believe they haven't ^_^) and whether they had any tips from their experiences. I came across this project, which sounded cool but I cant seem to find where to actually get it. Has anyone used it?

Many thanks for your time,
Aug 9, 2013 at 10:46 AM
Hey there,

The project you mentioned is one I actually developed as part of my dissertation. Was just a sort of demo for tracking web statistics and never really got completed. No idea where the source code actually is now. I can dig it up for you if you want, although it turned into a bit of a mess if I am honest.

It did all the collecting of data, page views etc. and I built in support for a few third party modules like the Nwazet e-commerce solution. However, I sort of stumbled in the whole database area because I have very little experience in creating real database schemas. I left a 50 or so bots running around on the website I had for a few days clicking stuff and my awful database structure crumbled with all the data it generated. Pretty embarrassing really. So I never shared the code >:)