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Bug with Date fields when used in Projections in UK timezone.

Topics: Core, Troubleshooting
Jun 12, 2013 at 11:44 AM
Hi guys,
I think I've found a bug with the way date fields are projected into their "date only" string format.
They appear to be captured based on the site datetimezone settings.
They appear to be projected into a string WITHOUT using the datetimezone settings.

My site timezone is "UTC Dublin, London, ....." the standard UK timezone.

If I create a (custom type) meeting with a (DateTime) date of "01/05/2013" it is saved correctly as far as the meeting custom-type is concerned.

However, when I extract "next meeting" in a projection and get the datetime field formatted as "Date Only", it is given to me as "30/04/2013" - the day before.

If I NOW change my timezone settings to be "GMT Global" and look at the datetime field in the meeting custom-type it is now "30/04/2013" and, of course displays as 30/04/2013 correctly.

This leads me to believe that the string-format date I am receiving as "Date Only" in my projection is not respecting the timezone settings of my website.

Hope I've explained it clearly enough, and that someone can recreate it and fix it OK.