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Perfoemance Issue on Azure Website

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Jun 5, 2013 at 2:47 AM
Edited Jun 5, 2013 at 3:01 AM
Today I published 2 sites to Azure websites. One site uses Orchard 1.6.1, and the site is configured to use local storage. The other uses the latest Orchard (pre-1.7), and this site is using a SQL Azure database for storage. Each site uses a single Shared website instances, and both sites were published with Web Matrix using a locally built Stage package.

The first site using local storage is very slow, and within minutes the site was disabled by Azure because the CPU allocation was at 160%. The site using the SQL database is very fast, and it's resource consumption barely even registers to Azure.

At first I thought "Aha! SQL Compact sucks the life out of the limited CPU resources of a shared web site instance. I should have known." But now I'm not so convinced. If local storage with Orchard was this bad on Azure, I would expect issues to be easier to find on the forums. Also, I have never experienced performance problems with SQL CE on other platforms. So, did my web site get built on a bad server instance? Did something go wrong with my Orchard install? Is 1.6.1 that much slower the 1.7?

Has anyone else experience performance problems with Orchard on Azure websites?

UPDATE: Sorry I can't spell Performance. I am not able to change the title of the thread.

Update 2: It's a little more clear now. Azure has 2 CPU allocation monitors, a daily allocation and a 5 minute allocation. I guess the 5 minute allocation governs surges by a site. The 5 minute allocation apparently can be consumed in a matter of a couple minutes when using SQL CE and performing admin from a cold site. Once the 5 minute monitor reset, the site was usable. Continued admin ran the allocation close to it's limit, but it did not disable the site. I'd hate for a customer to be the one to experience this allocation over run.
Jun 5, 2013 at 5:36 AM
There are currently known issues that are being worked on by the Azure teams.