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New: Open Dashboard Module that lets Authenticated Users CRUD

Topics: Administration, Announcements
May 14, 2013 at 7:37 PM
Edited May 14, 2013 at 7:59 PM
This discussion is to get feedback on a dashboard module that allows authenticated users to create specified content types and to read, update, and delete content items that they own. The module is called BigFont.OpenDashboard and is here. Here is how to use it.

  1. Run a Orchard 1.x website.
  2. It must be 1.x rev 7005 (## f71edbae97a25780bff1a660d12efbcc38da4abe)
  3. Choose the Default recipe (although it probably works with others too).
  4. Download & install BigFont.OpenDashboard
  5. Enable the Open Dashboard and the Open Types features.
  6. Open Types are optional but are useful for the demo.
Create Content without Accessing TheAdmin
  1. Create a test user (e.g. user1) assigned to NO role (ie just authenticated)
  2. Sign in as the user.
  3. Navigate to ~/Dashboard (later this can be a menu item.)
  4. Click "Create new Overstock Product" (this is a demo type with some standard parts and fields)
  5. Create an item and save / publish it.
Admin Can Make Any Content Type Visible on the Open Dashboard
  1. Logout as user1 and login as admin.
  2. Go to TheAdmin > Content Definition > Page > Edit > Add Parts > Open Dashboard Content > Save > Save.
  3. Logout as admin and login as user1.
  4. Navigate again to ~/Dashboard
  5. User1 can now create a page.
The OpenDashboard Only Lists Content Items a User Owns
  1. Logout as user1 and login as admin.
  2. Create a new user (e.g. user2)
  3. Logout as admin and login as user2.
  4. Navigate again to ~/Dashboard
  5. User2 can create content too, but can not see the content user1 owns.
We are interested in receiving feedback on this module. Is it a duplicate of one that someone else has already created? Did we use good coding standards for Orchard? Is the module useful to others?