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More elegant and ready-to-use theme?

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May 9, 2013 at 7:58 AM
I've been following Orchard since it's infancy and I like it's maturity and future potential.

However, what baffles me is the lack of ready-to-use and elegant themes, even though Orchard has been active for many years.

Browsing through the gallery, what I see the most are basic, kick-start, how-to or skeleton themes that would require someone with a web design know-how to modify before applying to a real-world website. Although there are also some which can be readily used, but honestly, the designs seem stuck in the 90s and "not elegant" at all.

Yes, my point is --- they are not elegant. There is no point to keep polishing the back-end architecture but no attentions are given to the themes.

What I think is, if Orchard wants to become more widely used and not just another geeky hobby project, it must pay more attention to the themes to show off it's capabilities.

Sad but true, most users (customers/end-users) judge a website (and nowadays even apps) by the look-and-feel, they don't care what technology is used, or how good is the security or how flexible is the architectural design. What they care is the user experience and whether the website makes them "want" to use it. That tells us why Wordpress is so successful, because they have successfully created a "theme culture" where you can get so many elegant and ready-to-use themes to choose from and implemented without much effort. They make people (developers and end-users) "want" to use it.

(Sorry to bring up Wordpress, but if we the developers not comparing it, our customers will)

I know there are many tutorials and samples about creating/customizing themes for Orchard, however, I think it's about time for Orchard to advance to the next level - letting people browse and download/purchase "real" and "elegant" themes. If there is not enough contributors to provide the themes, I would suggest the Orchard team to consider hiring some web design professionals to kick-start it. Even making some of the themes free. I believe this will be a good investment and helps creating Orchard's own "theme culture".
May 9, 2013 at 7:50 PM
Edited May 9, 2013 at 7:51 PM
Sure. Do it. Especially if you have a budget to hire web design professionals ;)

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