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jPlayer and IE 10 in Windows 8

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Mar 23, 2013 at 9:56 AM
my environment: Orchard 1.6, jPlayer Module 1.0.1, Windows 8, IE10

I'm able to run videos in e.g. Firefox, Chrome BUT NOT in IE10 !

In IE 10 the playlist is not even shown!

I think I checked 'all' threads but obviously didn't fine the right one, yet!
? are there any special settings for the IE 10 ?
thanks for your time and hints !
PS: I sent also a msg to the project owner.
Mar 24, 2013 at 8:06 AM
In the meantime I did the test also with the Orchard 'Source' and got some more info.
error msg:
jPlayer 2.0.0: id='jquery_jplayer_634 ........ 855' : Error!

no solution can be found by jPlayer in this browser. Neither HTML nor Flash can be used.

Review the jPlayer options: support and supplied.

Context: {solution:'html, flash', supplied.'ogv'}
end error msg!

To: 'Neither HTML nor flash can be used' .....
flash is on 11.6.602.180 (another thread suggests to be at least higher than 10.x.)
HTML; I run W8 pro with IE 10

Clearly, I'm not at all familiar with all the video 'options'. Therefore,
any help is appreciated - thanks for your time
Mar 28, 2013 at 7:55 PM
Hi edikaufmann,
I've read your messages and only get time to respond now.
First thing I'll check in your case is if jplayer support IE10, I've tested in their site and worked for me, but the module uses version 2.0 and the site has version 2.2. Maybe you can contribute upgrading the version in module. It's open source and is hosted here at codeplex.
Other thing to see is that IE10 supports HTML5 video, but each browser support different type of videos, maybe you're not configuring the right video for IE10.
Mar 29, 2013 at 9:18 AM
Hi Luiz,
as said I'm not a specialist ... whether on video/audio nor jquery.
I downloaded now the original jPlayer files. I'm able to run the demos in my IE10 using their HTML samples (the flash ones won't run).
Also I just replaced once the 'Orchard module jquery.jPlayer.js 2.0' files with the 2.2 version .. knowing that this is 'dirty' .. same bahaviour!

What wonders me is why I can run the 'html' jPlayer-original demos BUT when running the 'jPlayer Orchard Module' it says : 'no solution can be found by jPlayer ... neither HTML nor flash can be used'. The test videos I use are .ogv and as said it runs in Chrome, firefox.

quote ..maybe you're not configuring the right video for IE10. endquote: I don't even know what you mean with configuring 'right' video ?!

As far as contributing goes: I'm more than happy to help BUT I fear that I'm not - knowledge/experience wise - in a position to keep up with the needed standard.
I will certainly do some more tests and I'm happy to share the outcome.

Thanks again for your time and guidance you can give me