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Wanted: Install, Document, Admin Train, Template Creation following Style Guide for a collection of content web sites.

Topics: Administration, Customizing Orchard, Installing Orchard, Jobs
Feb 13, 2013 at 1:49 PM

Our organization is looking to convert a variety (less than 10) of content web sites to the Orchard platform.
I'd like to work with someone to run phase 1 of this project through to completion.
Onsite would be preferable early in the project - we are located in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area of Texas.

This will include (and need not be a single individual contributor):
Reviewing the content contained within each targeted publicly accessible site and site area and generating a plan for managing and maintaining that content going forward. Consolidation and uniformity of the target websites is a desirable outcome of this task.
Constructing templates that incorporate existing brand styles and experience flows.
Guidelines for the various departmental content owners to which content owners must adhere to ensure template conformance.
Plan for a process framework by which template modifications/enhancements may be requested, accepted and serviced.
Installation/Configuration of Orchard.
Documentation of the specific installation/configuration.
General / Typical administration training as related to care and feeding (not necessarily with regard to template construction/management).
General / Typical content owner usage training as related to updating, removing, reviewing and publishing changes to content.
I do not anticipate custom module work at this time, but this phase 1 effort will be expected to inform phase 2 of additional needs.

Please reach out to me directly and we can discuss capabilities, timelines, expected rates and anything else,
Kevin Hagen