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Create an admin page, do not show it on dashboard menu, but highlight a menu item on the left

Topics: Writing modules
Dec 11, 2012 at 1:19 PM

I have a INavigationProvider implementation in my module, which does


builder.Add(itemBuilder => itemBuilder.Caption(T("News management")).Position("2").Action("Index", "NewsAdmin", new {area = "My.News"}));


The admin controller has an Admin attribute. This works fine and adds a new menu on the left side of dashboard. Now in the Index view I have a link to a details to another action called Detail (Index shows a list of news, Detail is more info on a single news).  Detail also works fine and shows inside dashboard, but I need to highlight the "News management" option. I can probably hack it with JS and CSS, but is there a good way to set the selected property on the menu?