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Topics: Core, Customizing Orchard, Installing Orchard, Writing modules, Writing themes
Nov 29, 2012 at 4:39 PM

Currently putting a training package together to cover the points below and wondering if there are any suggestions out there for quotable offerings?

  • Development Team Training  (both Orchard-experienced and non-experienced .NET developers)
We anticipate that around 10 developers would need to be trained. Of these, approximately 20% have some experience of Orchard.
  • User Training 
We would need approximately 10 users to be trained - our planned approach is based on 'train the trainer', and the hope is that training on base Orchard functionality could then be used going forward and incorporated with bespoke training developed internally in order to cover organisation-specific features. The user group would consist of  a Business Analyst, someone from our Operations division, and several key business users.
  • Specific topics of interest to the Development Team 
As detailed above, we expect that the majority of our Development Team will have little or no experience of Orchard, so the majority of training would need to be around the standard Orchard offering. However, having spoken to our developers familiar with Orchard, a focus on module and widget creation has been expressed as a preference. 

  • Desired form of training (Developers and users)
There is no objection to a workshop/lab based approach, particularly for developers new to Orchard and certainly users, but our Orchard-familiar developers have expressed a preference for a pair programming approach using real world examples. 

  • Training Delivery Timeframe 
Ideally we would like to cover off the training by the end of January as we are hoping to have closed off the development recruitment process by then. 

Any recommendations/suggestions much appreciated :)