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new hosting service looking for Orchard experts interested in recurring revenue for all Orchard sites

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Sep 27, 2012 at 10:28 PM

Do you have any suggestions of how I could find a Orchard expert who would be interested in providing customized versions of this application for my company’s new hosting service ( We offer a recurring commission to anyone who creates an application template, customized to work on our hosting service, for every web site that is created using that template on our service once we go commercial (for any sites exceeding the limits of resources we give to free accounts).

Creating a customized app template for the app directory on our service isn’t that difficult. The biggest thing is just to configure the app to point the correct cloud database and file services.

In fact, our own engineers have created a customized Orchard template already which has been deployed in dozens of web sites since June 25th (when we launched our beta). We would actually prefer to let someone else who is bona fide expert with Orchard make money off of our hosting service in exchange for maintaining a Orchard template in our app directory rather than doing it ourselves. We aren’t “experts” with this app and can’t be sure we won’t make a mistake sometime.  :)

If you have any suggestions about how I could reach out and find a Orchard expert who might be interested in working with, please let me know.


e-mail me at: michael.surkan (at)